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Gifts From The Heart
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Gifts From The Heart

Special Release


A special compilation of songs from Into Grace, Flowing, Bhakti, Benediction, Love Keeps Singing CDs with 2 new guided meditations to give support and comfort in challenging times. The first thousand copies were given as gifts to hospitals, hospice and healers of all kinds to share. We will produce another thousand copies to gift, if donations will help to cover the cost for manufacturing. Thank you.



1 Well Being Meditation 30:14

2 Only Pure Love Remains 4:59

3 Gratitude Meditation 7:45

4 Sanskrit Prayer for Peace 5:42

5 Sacred Heart 6:26

6 Ave Maria 4:41

7 Love IS 4:46

8 Moola Mantra 4:48

9 Kyrie Eleyson 5:35